Company Profile
Bevel Gears (India) Pvt. Ltd., an ISO certified, family owned business, has been in the field of manufacturing and designing bevel gears and bevel gear boxes for the last 25 years. With our wide range of bevel gear equipment and in-house heat treatment facility your bevel gears can be manufactured to DIN and AGMA standards using the GLEASON® system. With the industrial Bevel Gear division concentrating on smaller batch quantities and the production division handling high volumes we  can cater to all requirements of end users of bevel gears – both straight, spiral and hypoid.

With the NEW addition of SPIRAL GRINDING, Bevel Gears India is a unique bevel gear shop catering to “Any size, any quantity” in the field of bevel gears. Customers are invited to leverage our capabilities, know-how, manufacturing, testing and production facilities to develop the gearing solutions they need. Be it a drawing or a damaged sample, we can reverse engineer and manufacture your requirement.

With a team of qualified and experienced engineers, and also a succession plan in place, the company has many years of growth and advancement in the field of Bevel Gear engineering.

Group Companies
  • Bevel Gears India

    Products include straight and spiral bevel gears covering a wide range of applications. Recent additions include large diameter spiral bevel gears for cone crushers, mining and construction equipment. Proposed addition of spiral bevel gears upto 1.6 meter diameter and also heat treatment and spiral grinding facilities of the same range.
  • Karnataka Machine Tools

    A 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU) manufacturing fine pitch bevel gears, both straight and spiral, and also medium size spiral bevel gears with spiral grinding facilities.
  • Gears and Transmissions

    Products include Straight and Spiral Bevel gears and Ground Gears. An ISO Certified company, with a well trained team with capability to design and manufacture straight bevel & spiral bevel gears, L-Angle Gear Boxes & special gear boxes in the range of 0.3 module to 6 module.

    Also provides high precision spiral bevel gears for spares of machine tools such as boring machines, milling machines, gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines and bevel gear generators.
  • Universal Carburizing Works

    A composite heat treatment shop with facilities to heat treat high quality gears. Equipped with laboratory, sealed quench furnaces (SQF), and gear quench presses upto 1.2 meter diameter. Proposed addition to accommodate gears upto 1.6 meter diameter.
  • Jamal Gear Machinery Ltd.

    Manufacture the RS00 and RS00S gear hobbing machines under design and drawing license from MS Herman Pfauter GmbH. We are the sole license holders to manufacture these machines and their spares worldwide. Also rebuilt RS00 machines can be offered with warranty and customization.

For more details, email us at jamalgrp@vsnl.com

CIN : U85110KA1990PTC010769